Who are the LRA?

The Independent reported on Saturday on a deadly new chapter for Darfur, as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) move in to the troubled region.

But who are the LRA? All that anyone can say for certain is that they are lead by a man called Joseph Kony. He has been indicted by the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes.


Joseph Kony

So what are they fighting for? This is something I have been looking into for a while, having done my undergraduate politics dissertation on the motivations of the LRA.

The common perception of the rebel group is that they are a ‘messianic cult’ – Daniel Howden of the Independent uses this exact phrase.
But far more likely is that they are now just fighting for survival and so that Kony can maintain his power.

This woman had her nose, lips and ears cut off by the LRA

The LRA have been to move freely through northern Uganda, the Democratic Repbublic of Congo, the Central African Republic and now they have returned to Sudan. Terrorising this entire region gives Kony an immense amount of power.

However, no-one can deny that their methods are horrific and brutal.


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  1. I just got around to reading your posts as I got a link through Twitter. Originally, the situation of the LRA and Joseph Kony was always in relation to Uganda, but now with the LRA entering into Darfur, it’s becoming a bigger political situation. I also think your spot on with your assumption on the LRA’s motives. I’ve already added LRA Watch to my RSS feed and hope you post with more frequency.

  2. Having followed for several months the movement and actrocities of the LRA in DR Congo, I can only agree: The LRA has mutated into a proxy rebel group crossing borders and fighting for their survival. There is still a strong link to the spirit world, but naming them a messianic or fundamental christian group is nothing else but wrong.

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