The role of Invisible Children

In their own words, Invisible Children are a social, political and global movement using the transformative power of story to change lives.

But what relevance does a charity started by three guys from California have on a situation that spawned in the heart of Africa?

Invisible Children (IC) aim to raise awareness of the atrocities of the LRA and bring about pressure to end their reign of terror.

But there has been a lot of criticism of the group.

The main worry is that the films IC produce focus too much on the filmmakers themselves and that it over-simplifies the complex problems face by those in the path of the LRA.

I would tend to agree with that, but would defend it nevertheless.

IC have raised millions of dollars for projects ‘on the ground’ in Uganda. This money comes predominantly from young people.

To connect with a lot of young people (I include myself in this category), you need to speak our language.

Invisible Children Roadies in Sydney

Young people in the developed world, especially those who have never been to Africa, will never be able to see the problems there through the eyes of the people of Uganda.

The filmmakers give the situation a face that young people can relate to.

Whatever criticism can be thrown at IC’s method, anything that helps the situation is surely beneficial.


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