The beginning of the end of the LRA?

It looks like America could be shaping up to take on the LRA and arrest Joseph Kony.

On Tuesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously passed the bipartisan LRA Disarmament & Northern Uganda Recovery Act.

What’s more, Senator Jim Inhofe spoke on the floor of the Senate about his support for the bill.


These events are being seen as a major step towards the bill passing.

The power of America’s resources are undoubtedly what is needed to stop the LRA.

But will American leaders be able to stomach sending troops to Africa? After the infamous ‘Black Hawk Down’ incident in Somalia it may prove difficult.

Yet American leaders have consistently said that they would not allow atrocities like those that occurred in Rwanda to happen again.

Perhaps now is the time we will see if those words were empty or if the USA will stand up to be counted.


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