LRA Still Active in Southern Sudan

Another non-profit calling for peace in Uganda – Resolve Uganda – have been reporting on LRA activity in Southern Sudan.

In what seems to be a typical event, the wife of a man named Attilio gave testimony as to what happened.

“It was 6 p.m. of Friday 13th November when six LRA, three of them holding a gun, came to the Attilio’s house led there by an abducted man.

They asked for food and the wife offered cassava leaves but they refused and asked for cassava roots; Attilio sent his son Atio to go to the field and uproot the cassava.

One of the LRA then explained to Attilio that they wanted to surrender, and they inquired about the presence of the Ugandan military soldiers in the area.

Attilio offered to accompany them to Nzara to surrender. The LRA fighter then asked who the neighbour was and Attilio sent his son to collect by bicycle his neighbour Daniel.

The daughter Jeniti followed him on foot. Daniel came and they all started to discuss, but suddenly the atmosphere changed and LRA began shooting.

They killed Attilio, his son and Daniel. The abducted man managed to escape into the bush and saved himself. Daniel’s daughter came to see what was happening and she was also shot.”

It seems that the LRA are continuing to destabilise an already fragile region.


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