UK Parliament Early Day Motion calls for end to LRA violence

As NATO forces are in the skies over Libya, bombing forces that are threatening civilians, the people of Central East Africa may well wonder when the international community will come to help them.

Although the United States Congress has passed a bill requiring Joseph Kony’s capture there has been no meaningful action yet as a result.

Instead, funding for the action required is under threat.

Now, there’s a chance for the UK to play a part.

Labour MP for Falkirk, Eric Joyce, has introduced an Early Day Motion calling for, among other things, action “on the UK’s duty as a State Party of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to help arrest Joseph Kony and those members of the LRA subject to ICC warrants.”

Eric Joyce MP

Eric Joyce MP

Unfortunately, EDMs usually have a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming law, needing the support of hundreds of MPs before even getting noticed.

This EDM has just 30 signatures.

The level of campaigning that will be needed to gather the required support is huge.

Do the supporters of the likes of Invisible Children, Resolve, and Resolution Possible have enough muscle in the UK to see it happen?


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  1. Super blog. Worth reading Jane Bussmann’s excellent (and very funny) book; “The Worst Date Ever”, about her encounters with the LRA. She’s still working like a trouper on the subject (I met her last week).

  2. Yes we need more advocacy in the UK and other Commonwealth countries like mine (Australia). Eric Joyce gets my vote. I might head to the UK instead of the US next month for interviews regarding my film on the topic… If Eric Joyce and other UK MP’s agree to let me interview them and take part in the film, I will be there with bells on and ready to make noise for the need to eliminate Kony!

    • I would love to think that the UK is where it will be happening… somehow the organisations in the US seem to have the clout to make things happen. I’m sure you’d find enough people here to talk to though!

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