Move DC: Finally, a Good Old Fashioned Campaign Against the LRA

Kony 2012.

Remember that?

Criticised for being ‘slacktivism’, misleading or a downright sham.

Yet – the only campaign that actually brought the name Joseph Kony to a worldwide audience.

Now, the organisation behind the campaign – Invisible Children – is bringing a good old-fashioned, knock on doors, march on the streets campaign to Washington DC.

They call it Move DC.

The plan?

Bring together world leaders to demand that they take action against the LRA.

Then march, in the thousands, around the White House, to keep up the pressure on the newly re-elected Barack Obama to continue hunting Joseph Kony.

That doesn’t sound like ‘slacktivism.’

In addition, the day before Move DC, Resolve (partners of IC) are holding a lobby event – Lobby DC – where young people will visit their representatives in Congress to talk about the issue.

Doesn’t get much more traditional than that.

The need for action is as great as ever.

The LRA Crisis Tracker shows that innocent civilians in the Central East Africa region are continuing to be abducted by Kony’s forces.

The Enough Project are in the field with the Ugandan Army, showing the harm that a lack of resources is doing to the search for the LRA leadership.

There is no doubt that the LRA is on the run, but more action is still needed if they are to be brought to justice.

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